ROOM TONE interview with Grammy winning singer/songwriter Jesse Harris.

The 2003 Song of the Year Grammy winner talks about penning hits for Norah Jones and others, post Grammy expectations, collaboration and co writing, and realities of the modern music business.

Jesse's website here

Videos for songs from the album "No Wrong No Right"  here and here

ROOM TONE interview with Composer and Filter Theater co artistic director Tim Phillips.

Tim talks about his musical journey from Terrace, British Columbia to London, NYC and Hollywood. Listen in and hear about flying 1000 miles for guitar lessons, scoring one of England's biggest TV shows, scoring star studded films and the next great plays and musicals destined for the London stage.

Tim's website here

Dragon - Meet the Composer video here

Doctor Who Music Video "Song For Ten" here

ROOM TONE interview with singer, songwriter and guitarist David Champagne.

From his living room in Boston surrounded by beautiful guitars, David fills us in on his early days, songwriting techniques, inspirations and latest projects.

David Champagne - Agnostic Gospel Facebook page here

Live Agnostic Gospel with Kimon Kirk here

ROOM TONE Interview with singer/songwriter Sasha Dobson.

Sasha touches on her musical upbringing, shifting from Jazz to Rock/Pop/Folk, her creative process, hanging out with Wilie Nelson and current projects including the band Puss n' Boots with   Norah Jones and Catherine Popper.

Sasha's website here

Sasha Dobson "Full Moon" video here

Puss n' Boots interview video here

ROOM TONE interview with chefs Johanne Killeen and George Germon.

A conversation with the world renowned chefs, restaurateurs and owners of Al Forno in Providence, RI, touches on how art school makes you think, a cross dressing coffee roaster, what music and great food have in common, and that sometimes, it's just all about lust.

Cooking with Juila Child video here

Cooking with Martha Stewart video here

ROOM TONE interview with sculptor Ilan Averbuch.

A sculptor of international acclaim, Ilan talks about his path to art, isolation and impatience as a creative force, how the landscape around you creates your artistic pallet, and how a Persian King from 600 BC connects to a modern day Los Angeles public art competition.

Ilan's website here

Videos about Ilan here and here

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